BDStar’s fundamental product line focuses on the development, application and promotion of navigation positioning chips, modules, boards, antennas and MWDC components, which are widely adopted in measuring, mapping, mechanical control, vehicle monitoring, automotive electronics, precision agriculture, aerological sounding, precision timing, etc.

Unicore Communications Inc.


  • Unicore Communications Inc.

    As a holding subsidiary of BDStar, Unicore Communications Inc. is a hightech company dedicated in highly integrated IC design and GNSS algorithm development. Entirely reliant on self-developed technology, Unicore has successfully developed the Nebulas multi- system multi-frequency high-performance SoC, Humbird series, Low power GNSS SoC,  a variety of navigation/timing modules, as well as high-precision OEM boards. Unicore's products accuracy ranges from meter, sub-meter, to centimeter and millimeter level, to meet various kinds of industry demands such as CORS applications, Surveying & Mapping, Precision Agriculture, Positioning & Heading, Vehicle Monitoring, Autonomous Vehicle Navigation, Precision Timing and so on.

  • Harxon Corporation

    As a subsidiary wholly funded by BDStar, Harxon corporation is a world leading provider of high-precision satellite positioning antennas and a renowned company in China’s satellite signal receiving antenna industry. As a high-tech company, it is focused on the R&D of satellite positioning antenna, mobile satellite receiving system and wireless data transmission products. Harxon’s antennas are widely used in domestic satellite application projects at provincial and municipal scale. With a market share over 70%, it has been the leading company in China’s satellite signal receiving antenna industry for years.

  • Jiaxing Glead Electronics Co., Ltd.

    A subsidiary wholly funded by BDStar, Jiaxing Glead Electronics Co., Ltd specialized in the research, development and sale of microwave dielectric ceramics components, satellite navigation antenna, navigation module, and Bluetooth module. Products widely used in RF and microwave communication field with features of receiving, transmitting and processing of RF and microwave signal. Glead has set up the whole industrial chain of material, component, antenna, module-terminal and also known as few domestic company which has independent intellectual right of low temperature ceramic co-fire material and industrialization capacity. Company now owns over 45 patents, participated in develop over 10 industry standard and undertake over 28 national class research and industrialization project.

  • Dongguan Yuntong Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

    Dongguan Yuntong Communication Technology Co., Ltd is fully funded by Harxon, a subsidiary of BDStar. Established in 2014 in Guangdong province, it is a high-tech company dedicated to the R&D, production, sales of mobile base station antenna. Since its inception, the Company has been committed to developing high-performance antennas that can meet high technology standards. It also aims to reward society with new mobile special antennas and solutions that have independent intellectual property and to become a renowned brand in the industry.

  • Guangdong Weitong Communication Technology Co., Ltd

    Guangdong WeiTong Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is fully funded by Harxon, which is a subsidiary of BDStar. It is committed to providing communication antennas, base station antenna system supporting products and integrated solutions. It is a high-tech company integrating R&D, production, sales and services and regards independent innovation as an important development strategy. It has established over 10 localized service branches and dedicated market service teams to provide carriers with fast and comprehensive antenna feed solutions and station renting services that can save them from the trouble of setting up their own stations.

  • Hangzhou Kaicom Communication Co., Ltd.

    ully funded by Glead, a subsidiary of BDStar, Hangzhou Kaicom Communication Co., Ltd is a provider of integrated IoT solutions and focuses on the R&D of key IoT equipment and software design. Its main business area is IoT, the most potential area for now, and its core technology is embedded mobile computation technology for mobile information computation and processing in logistics, manufacturing and retail industry, to provide trade users with hardware-and-software-integrated system services. Through ten years of dedication in the development and application of IoT technologies, Kaicom has become an all-around provider of IoT terminal services ranging from technology research, software and hardware design, product development, production and sales.

  • Beijing BDStar positioning Co., Ltd.

    As BDStar’s business unit for international agency, Beijing BDStar positioning Co., Ltd. (Navigation Product Division) is committed to integrating premium resources in global navigation positioning and LBS area to provide users with excellent positioning products and services. Apart from the nearly-twenty-year cooperation with Canada-based NovAtel, BDStar’s international agent unit has also established strategic partnership with other world leading companies like Sensonor. Agent products are enriching, mainly in three categories: satellite navigation, inertia navigation and telemetry.