Aiming for industrial applications, BDStar is committed to providing trade users with professional industry solutions based on IoT architecture by leveraging our technology expertise in satellite navigation, geographic information, automatic control, digital communication, software development and systematic integration. In addition, as China’s first qualified BeiDou service provider, BDStar has built up a national operation and service system through independent and integrated innovation. Moreover, Rx Networks, one of BDStar’s subsidiaries, is amajor A-GNSS provider that offers positioning services for global mobile users by leveraging its independent global reference network, a mature operation network and core patented technologies.


BeiDou Internet of Ships

BeiDou Internet of Ships has for the first time realized information interconnection and sharing between government administrative departments, fishery production companies, fishermen and their family members, has played an important role in safeguarding the national maritime rights and interests, has protected marine ecological environment, has provided government with effective informationalized management approaches, has improved emergency relief capabilities of relevant departments, has increased the earnings of fishermen, and has contributed to the construction of peaceful fishery and harmonious society. As an extension and important part of Internet of Things, BeiDou Internet of Ships has served as an important guarantee for the construction of smart sea, and at present ranks top among cases of industrialized application of BeiDou in terms of scale.

A-GNSS Service

A-GNSS services include Real-Time GNSS Ephemeris(GRN)and predicted GNSS ephemeris (PGNSS). GRN is largely based on satellite data collected from 26 reference stations across 21 countries. Collected data will be processed by physical servers in Vancouver and Toronto, and cloud servers to provide real-time GNSS ephemeris data for terminal positioning services. PGNSS is a solution designed to substantially enhance the satellite acquisition performance of virtually any GNSS positioning engine, whether a chipset or next-generation software-GNSS. In practical terms, this means a reduction of Time-To-First-Fix from 45 seconds to 2 seconds or less. Moreover, fixes can be achieved in difficult environments where they were previously impossible.


The Internet Of Things At Ports

This system is based on satellite navigation, Internet of Things and communications technology, achieves overall planning and integration of acquisition, transmission, processing and sharing of information resources, equips container terminals with comprehensive informationized solutions, and effectively solves chronic problems like loose coupling, duplicated and unshared data and information isolated island in port systems. This system plays an important role on safety productionmanagement, reducing operating costs and improving operational efficiency.

GNSS Monitoring Application

This system is mainly used in disaster prevention and mitigation. Employing the patented technologies of BDStar in R&D of high-precision BeiDou chips and terminal equipment manufacture, BeiDou communications, software development, GNSS high-precision data processing etc., the system provides users with system products based on the architecture of Internet of Things. The system can conduct remote automatic acquisition, processing, monitoring and early warning of several kinds of information including displacement information, to satisfy the needs of geological disaster monitoring.


Logistical management

BDStar provides clients in logistics management industry with integrated solutions including  handheld terminals, backstage business platforms, terminal applications, etc., by leveraging its expertise in designing and developing key IoT equipment and related software.

Driving Tests Application

Driving test and training system is a large-scale civilian use of BeiDou high-precision technologies. Positioning accuracy can reach centimeter level while baseline orientation accuracy will be 0.2 degrees/ 1 meter by using self-developed core products such as multi-mode, multi-frequency, high-precision chips, high-precision antenna,radio modems, etc. , which can also be adopted in fully autonomous centimeter-level intelligence assessment, real-time monitoring and video surveillance. The wide application of this system will boost the use of information technologies in national driving test system.



  • BDStar Information Service Co., Ltd.

    As a wholly owned subsidiary of BDStar and based on the Beidou Satellite Navigation and Positioning System, BDStar Information Services Limited integrates the resources of Internet and mobile communication networks and geographic information to provide position-based system solutions and information services for the fishery, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, and meteorology industries and running on the Internet of Things (IOT). After years of development, BDStar Information Service has now become a very influential BDStar information service provider in China.

  • RX Networks Inc.

    Rx Networks Inc. is established in 2002 in Vancouver, Canada. Rx Networks is a mobile positioning and location assistance company. The services empower over a billion devices via hardware, GNSS chips, mobile apps, and network infrastructure to deliver unmatched user experiences. The ingenious modular assistance service unifies GNSS, Wi-Fi, cellular and sensor signals for an unmatched mobile location user experience.

  • Shenzhen Satlead Technology Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen Satlead Technology Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harxon under BDStar that mainly specializes in intelligent transport, intelligent monitoring and satellite navigation solutions given its advantage in the manufacturing of core components such as antenna, radio modem, PCB etc. as well as providing system integration application solution. Therefore, it provides support for the following areas: intelligent driving test/lesson, vehicle navigation, traffic flow monitoring, digital port, deformation monitoring, marine fishery, precision agriculture, intelligent sanitation, etc. Satlead will strive to become the most competitive intelligent transport turnkey solution provider and a world-leading enterprise in the future.