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As China’s first qualified BeiDou service provider, BDStar has built up a national operation and service system through independent and integrated innovation.

TruePoint Global Data Service Platform

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BeiDou Internet of Ships

BeiDou Internet of Ships has for the first time realized information interconnection and sharing between government administrative departments, fishery production companies, fishermen and their family members, has played an important role in safeguarding the national maritime rights and interests, has protected marine ecological environment, has provided government with effective informationalized management approaches, has improved emergency relief capabilities of relevant departments, has increased the earnings of fishermen, and has contributed to the construction of peaceful fishery and harmonious society. As an extension and important part of Internet of Things, BeiDou Internet of Ships has served as an important guarantee for the construction of smart sea, and at present ranks top among cases of industrialized application of BeiDou in terms of scale.

GNSS Chips &Data Services

  • ICOE(Shanghai) Technologies Co., Ltd

    As a holding subsidiary of BDStar,ICOE(Shanghai)Technologies Co., Ltd is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets baseband/RF systems-on-chip products. ICOE core competency is the design of highly integrated, highperformance positioning and timing SoC. Based on GNSS, UWB, Blue-Tooth and other short range technologies, ICOE provides ultra-low power ‘Time and Location’ solutions. Our diversified products can be applied to wearable devices, sharing devices, handheld devices, trackers and more.

  • BDStar Information Service Co., Ltd.

    As a wholly owned subsidiary of BDStar and based on the Beidou Satellite Navigation and Positioning System, BDStar Information Services Limited integrates the resources of Internet and mobile communication networks and geographic information to provide position-based system solutions and information services for the fishery, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, and meteorology industries and running on the Internet of Things (IOT). After years of development, BDStar Information Service has now become a very influential BDStar information service provider in China.


  • RX Networks Inc.

    Rx Networks Inc. is established in 2002 in Vancouver, Canada. Rx Networks is a mobile positioning and location assistance company. The services empower over a billion devices via hardware, GNSS chips, mobile apps, and network infrastructure to deliver unmatched user experiences. The ingenious modular assistance service unifies GNSS, Wi-Fi, cellular and sensor signals for an unmatched mobile location user experience.


  • TruePoint Technology Co., Ltd.

    As a holding subsidiary of BDStar, TruePoint Technology Inc. is a world's leading service provider in high precision positioning and global GNSS assistance, obtained national and international patents in  high precision positioning algorithms, 15 years in global data service and offer 7*24*365 service to our clients. By embracing openness and cooperation, TruePoint is establishing a high precision data platform that is global, reliable and interoperable in all applications.


  • Unicore Communications Inc.

    As a holding subsidiary of BDStar, Unicore Communications Inc. is a hightech company dedicated in highly integrated IC design and GNSS algorithm development. Entirely reliant on self-developed technology, Unicore has successfully developed the Nebulas multi- system multi-frequency high-performance SoC, Humbird series, Low power GNSS SoC,  a variety of navigation/timing modules, as well as high-precision OEM boards. Unicore's products accuracy ranges from meter, sub-meter, to centimeter and millimeter level, to meet various kinds of industry demands such as CORS applications, Surveying & Mapping, Precision Agriculture, Positioning & Heading, Vehicle Monitoring, Autonomous Vehicle Navigation, Precision Timing and so on.