Microwave Ceramic Components

BDStar is one of the world’s few enterprises with technologies for preparing low-temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) and high-temperature ceramics (microwave dielectric ceramics). Microwave ceramics including fundamental materials, LTCC elements and parts, and microwave dielectric elements are extensively used in 5G communication, satellite communication, automobile electronics, aviation & aerospace, consumer electronics and so on.

Microwave ceramic components companies

  • Jiaxing Glead Electronics Co., Ltd.

    A subsidiary wholly funded by BDStar, Jiaxing Glead Electronics Co., Ltd specialized in the research, development and sale of microwave dielectric ceramics components, satellite navigation antenna, navigation module, and Bluetooth module. Products widely used in RF and microwave communication field with features of receiving, transmitting and processing of RF and microwave signal. Glead has set up the whole industrial chain of material, component, antenna, module-terminal and also known as few domestic company which has independent intellectual right of low temperature ceramic co-fire material and industrialization capacity. Company now owns over 45 patents, participated in develop over 10 industry standard and undertake over 28 national class research and industrialization project.