Zhou Ruxin: invested by CICIIF and lead BeiDou industry to a new era

On May 19, 2016, the CSNC (China Satellite Navigation Confence) Application Industrialization Forum was held in Hunan Changsha. Centered on BeiDou chip and industry development, this forum included summit forum themed on “Smart chip sensing, embracing smart application”. BDStar President Zhou Ruxin was invited to the event and delivered a keynote speech. It is worth mentioning that National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund (CICIIF) will buy into BDStar to support its industrial development. Huaxin Investment VP Gao Songtao was also invited and attended the event on behalf of CICIIF.

Beidou President Zhou Ruxin delivered a keynote speech themed “introduce National Fund and lead Beidou industry to a new era”. The speech comprehensively reviewed development of Beidou industry and BDStar chip business through three chapters----chip development history, power of chips and new era, showed team and experience advantages and latest technical achievements of Unicorecomm, subsidiary of BDStar. He mentioned that with progress of science and technology and society development, new market demand was constantly creating new business models, and enterprises fell behind in innovation would be driven out of the market gradually. Along with improving chip technology, technical risk and capital investment will continue to increase, so resource integration and industry reshuffle will become the new normal. Participation of CICIIF will continue to improve chip development core competitiveness of BDStar, consolidate company competitive advantage and further strengthen integration of talent, technology, fund and partners of the company.  At the same time, CICIIF investment in many industries and upstream and downstream enterprises also made cross-field and cross-industry cooperation possible. Zhou Ruxin said that all the factors mentioned above could help BDStar become an international first-class billion-RMB navigation group “respected by others, honored by employees and trusted by the nation”, and speed up its pace to a new era.

Huaxin Investment VP Gao Songtao delivered a keynote speech on behalf of CICIIF, in which he introduced current overall situation of domestic and international IC industry and investment approach and plan of CICIIF. Considering current issues of BeiDou chip industry, he proposed thinkings about future development strategy of domestic navigation and positioning chips, and briefed CICIIF’s support to BeiDou industry. He said that development and industrialization of BeiDou system was considered as a national strategy and CICIIF would firmly support it. BDStar is in an industrial leading position in terms of technical capability, business layout, industrial consolidation and talent team, CICIIF will buy into BDStar to support its development, and promote BeiDou chips to be developed to international leading navigation and positioning chips.