Unicorecomm released the world's first multi-system and multi-frequency high-precision GNSS module

On May 18, 2016, the 7th China Satellite Navigation Conference was held in Changsha, Hunan Province, where Unicorecomm, subsidiary of BDStar, released the world's first multi-system multi-frequency high- precision GNSS module----UM332.

With single UC4C0 baseband chip and single broadband radio frequency chip, this product becomes the world's first multi-system multi-frequency high-precision GNSS module, which is not only smallest in size, but also supports high precision simultaneous positioning and directional output, so it is very competent in terms of cost and power consumption.

Thanks to UC4C0 enhanced multi-system multi-frequency RTK technology and high-performance SoC processing capacity, UM332 can achieve RTK initialization within 5 seconds and data output rate of over 10 Hertz, so besides long distance cm-level RTK positioning, it is able to export directional results better than 0.2 degrees. Its adaptive anti-jamming capability and INS complete solutions also ensure first-class using experience even in poor environment. Single baseband, single radio frequency and high integration solution greatly reduces cost, and at the same time ensures product consistency. This product is widely applicable in intelligent mechanical control field which has high requirements on solution cost, mass production quality and dynamic performance under complex environment.

Unicorecomm also released 40 nm Mockbird chip during the same period, which is the smallest baseband radio frequency chip with size of 4 x 4mm. It has seen significant improvement in sensitivity, anti-jamming, AGNSS positioning assistance. Accelerated iteration of domestic BeiDou chip from 130nm to 40nm further optimizes chip performance, power consumption and size.