BDStar “Internet of Ships” debut at World Internet Conference

On December 15, 2015, the 2nd World Internet Conference-- Light of the Internet Expo was held in Zhejiang Wuzhen. This Expo was a world-level display platform for network technology and cutting-edge "Internet +" technical products, and mainly showcased past 20 years’ Internet development achievements in China, contributions to global Internet development and latest technology products and Internet application. This event has attracted over 260 enterprises from Europe, America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and other countries and regions.

China Satellite Navigation Office participated in the Expo with development idea of "Internet + BeiDou New Ecology”, and had attracted lots of attention.  As an important demonstration project for BeiDou satellite navigation system, BDStar presented BeiDou Ship Position Monitoring and Management System in BeiDou Satellite Navigation System Booth.

BDStar’s BeiDou Ship Position Monitoring and Management System is mainly based on BDStar operation service center and network to provide positioning, communication, dispatching management and other services. This system is connected to BDStar operation service center via Internet and mobile communication network, and provides location monitoring, command and dispatch, management service and other location-based integrated information service to ship management department, shipping management department and fishery companies as well as fishermen. The system also has short message communication function, which enables information connectivity and sharing among competent government authorities, fishing companies, fishermen and their families, etc.

With over 40,000 active users, BDStar’s BeiDou Ship Position Monitoring and Management System is the largest industrial application case in terms of scale and has a broad application and an important role in safe fishery production.

In addition to BeiDou Ship Position Monitoring and Management System, chips, board cards, modules and receivers independently developed by BDStar were also on display in this Expo.