BDStar’s self-developed chips were collected by National Museum of China

Recently, BDStar’s self-developed chips---Nebulas, Humbird, Ufirebird were collected by National Museum of China as a the typical achievement of Chinese satellite navigation industry.

BDStar continues to lead the development of China's core satellite navigation technology from releasing China's first fully independent intellectual propertyrights of multi-frequency multi-system high performance SoC to China’s first28nm and global minimum size GNSS SoC. In 2016, BDStar’s self-developed chip was received National Science & Technology Progress Award(second class) . Until now, the chips were sold more than 15 millionpieces and used in different areas of people’s production and living. Moreover,BDStar’s core technology has been sold to aboard with globally competitive.BDStar’s receiver with self-developed chip inside has been listed inthe recommendation catalog of IGS and GSA.

Since its established,BDStar has always been committed to promoting industrial application of GNSS industry. In future, BDStar will continue to develop Beidou/GNSS chips for low power consumption applications and Beidou/GNSS chips for high precisionapplications. In 2017, BDStar achieved a breakthrough in global development and completed the acquisition of two overseas companies in North America and Europe successively. Canada-based Rx Networks is a major A-GNSS provider that offers positioning services for global mobile users by leveraging its independent global reference network, a mature operation network and corepatented technologies. And on this basis BDStar will build a global cloud platform service system and create a ‘Cloud+IC’ core platform to offer fast, accurate and reliable positioning services for global users of automotive electronic and smart city. Also, BDStar will promote technology integration of Beidou, communication and IoT to accelerate the establishment of ‘Beidou+’new format.