BDStar attended InterGEO 2018

INTERGEO 2018, the world's largest trade fair in the field of geospatial and surveying, was heldon 16th October in Frankfurt, Germany. BDStar, with its brands--Unicorecomm,Harxon and Satlead, participated in this event to present the cutting-edge GNSS core technologies and the idea of “GNSS+” Ecosystem for global users.

BDStar featured the concept of “Building ‘GNSS+’ Ecosystem, EmpoweringDigital Transformation” at the exhibition --- showcasing its GNSS core products such as self-developed chips, modules, boards, antennas, radios, driving-test terminals and so on. Thereinto, the latest products, including UB4B0M(All-Constellation,Multi-frequency Classic size GNSS Board), CLAP-B (GNSS/MEMS Integrated Inertial Navigation Board), X-Survey antenna and eRadio, attracted visitors and media’s attention.

Based on the advantage of GNSScore products and A-GNSS service, BDStar is actively building a ‘Cloud+IC’ core supporting platform which is an important part of the ‘GNSS+’ Ecosystem. It will provide more rapid,reliable and accurate positioning products and services for various traditional and new industries, including surveying and mapping, UAV, robots, Telematics,smart cities, etc., and empower digital transformation invarious fields of society.

Established in 2000, BDStar is a leading company inChina’s satellite navigation industry.After years of development, it has become a global group company with total asset above 1billion US dollars and 4600+ employees. In the future, as the GNSS, IoT, MI and other technologies develop and the consumers' demands changed, BDStar is building a ‘GNSS+’ ecosystem to provide excellent GNSS technology, products and services for global users, and empower digital transformation in global society.

Highlights of the latest products


UB4B0M is a compact high precision board supporting RTK positioning developed by Unicore on basis of the Nebulas-II high-performance high-precision GNSS SoC,the board features low-power consumption design and offers millimeter-level carrier phase observation value as well as centimeter-level RTK positioning,supporting chip-level multi-path mitigation. The leading instantaneous RTK technology is especially suitable for high-precision navigation and positioning applications.


The CLAP(Concurrent locating and attitude Pilot)-B product is a GNSS/MEMS integrated inertial navigation board developed by Unicore Communications. CLAP-Bintegrates a miniaturized high-performance inertial measurement unit(IMU) on a compact high performance GNSS board. The absolute accuracy of GNSS positioning coupled with the stability of the IMU gyro and accelerometer measurements provides a three-dimensional position, velocity, and attitude solution, even in GNSS denied environments, and its solution remains stable and continuous, providing exceptional performance and outstanding continuous performance in ultra-smallsizes.


X-Survey™is the unique 4in1 OEM antenna for both navigation and communication insurveying and precision agriculture applications. It provides standard Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, 4G, plus multiple constellation signals reception for GNSS positioning with reliable compatibility with machines and high phase centerstability.


eRadio™is a long-range and power efficient radio modem designed to support high-precisionGNSS RTK applications in surveying and precision agriculture.