China’s BDS-3 Constellation Deployment Fully Completed

At9:43 on June 23, the 55th Beidou-3 Navigation Satellite System(BDS-3) satellite, namely, last BDS-3 constellation satellite, was successfully launched onboard a Long March-3B carrier rocket at China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center. The BDS-3 constellation deployment was fully accomplished sixmonths earlier than scheduled.

Mr.Zhou Ruxin,the Chairman & President of BDStar, came to Xichang Satellite Launch Center on invitation to witness the historical moment.

The successful launch of the “last satellite” is seen as not only a symbol of full completion of BDS-3 constellation deployment but also a new start for BDS application and industrialization at faster pace! In the future, China plans to build a more ubiquitous, integrated and intelligent national generaltemporal-spatial system based on the present BDS-3.

Upon the completion of the BDS-3, China’ssatellite navigation application industry is thereby bound to usher in “new golden age” featuring constant technical advancement, faster growth, coverage of global market, and provision of full range of services. BDStar will certainly embark on next “golden decade” for rapid development.