BDStar 2020 Annual Summary Commendation Ceremony was held in Beijing

On January 28, BDStar convened its 2020 Summary Commendation and 2021 Work Deployment Conference in the BDStar Building. The Group’s directors,supervisors, senior executives, advisors, special guests and managers, as well as executives of all relevant business units in Beijing attended the conference at the main session. Given the pandemic, the conference involved 17 parallel sessions. Directors, supervisors, senior executives and key employees from non-Beijing subsidiaries attended the conference via video conferencing.

Under the banner of 'Follow the High-quality Development Path and Forge ahead to Achieve Goals for Soaring in the New Golden Decade with Unswerving Determination', the conference gave a full summary to the Group’s operation in 2020 and honored collectives and individuals with outstanding performance in the year, followed by a concrete deployment of work for the following year and oath-taking ceremony where all business units made a commitment to performance.

At the conference, BDStar Chairman Zhou Ruxin delivered a crucial speech titled’ Follow the High-quality Development Path and Forge ahead to Achieve Goals for Soaring in the New Golden Decade with Unswerving Determination’. In the speech, he reviewed and summarized the Group’s development for the past three years. He noted the 2018-2020 period asa critical stage for the Group's transition from massive development to high-quality development. And the Year 2020 was very unusual. Though the COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturn, and complicated international economic and trade situation among other adverse factors conspired against business development, the Group yielded hard-won results with increase in business performance in adversity. He appreciated the 5th session ofthe board of directors, supervisors, senior executives and employees, because of their outstanding performance in the latest three years.

Mr. Zhou’s speech also included an in-depth analysis on the internal and external circumstances confronting the Group for now and future and guidelines, requirements and concrete measures for business development in the following three years. He said, BDStar now stands at a new starting point. The Group has entered a three-year period of soaring towards high-quality development and hereby embarked on a journey towards 'new golden decade'. He then launched an appeal to seize the once in a century opportunity and follow the high-quality development path with unfaltering determination under the leadership of the new board of directors and leaders. With greater concentration, tenacity and devotion, the Group plans to break barriers to development through innovation in working systems and mechanisms. Marking a good start for the new golden decade, it will forge ahead with courage and perseverance to take off in the new golden decade.