TruePoint Data Service Platform and BDS Marine Fishery Applications Unveils at BeiDou Cloud Exhibition of World Expo

On October 1, 2021, Expo 2021 Dubai opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) made a splendid appearance in the"Exploration and Discovery" exhibition zone and several sections of the China Pavilion at the Expo.

On October 2, "BeiDou Day", the first themed activity of Chinese Pavilion, was held in Beijing and Dubai at the same time. During the event, BeiDou Cloud Exhibition was launched simultaneously on network platforms including the official website of BDS and virtual China Pavilion.

"TruePoint Global High-precision Data Service Platform" and "Applications of BDS in Marine Fishery" were displayed in the BeiDou Cloud Exhibition on the "BeiDou Day" at Dubai World Expo.

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TruePoint Global High-precision Data Service Platform

TruePoint is a high-precision data service platform featuring globalization, all-scenario coverage and high reliability. It is built by TruePoint Technology Co., Ltd., a platform-based positioning data service company of BDStar, by following openand win-win eco-partnership. This platform is an important part of BDStar's efforts to build a world-leading "location-based digital base". The platform is able to provide decimeter-level enhanced and assistant positioning services worldwide, with high-precision centimeter-level position data services available in China, Europe and North America. At present, there are over 2 billion users of AGNSS services, with 2.5 billion daily visits.

Applications of BDS in Marine Fishery

The applications of BDS in marine fishery is the first scaled application case of BDS for civil use in China. By integrating such resources as BDS, geographic information system and mobile communication network, BDS Monitoring and Management Platform for Ship Safety operates under the mode of "terminal+platform+operation" and serves as a platform for information management, publishing and sharing. At present, the platform serves more than 40,000 fishing boat owners and nearly 100,000 mobile phone users. It harbors more than 1,500 various fishing applications and handles over 1.5 billion times of fishing boat position reporting every year.