Two Subsidiaries of BDStar Awarded China’s Top 100 New Automotive Supply Chain 2021

On October 18,2021, the 3rd GASGOO Awards Ceremony for China’s Top 100 New Automotive Supply Chain Enterprises was held in Shanghai. The awards went to 9 related sectors, aiming to identify potential enterprises and boost industrial upgrading by leveraging their technological innovation and model innovation. BICV and Harxon, both of which are affiliated to BDStar, were awarded the China’s Top 100 New Automotive Supply Chain Enterprises 2021 by virtue of " CV-BOX " and "ICV antenna" respectively.

BICV's CV-BOX is an all-scenario coverage controller for intelligent cockpit. It integrates DMS (Driver Monitoring System), RMS (Rear Monitoring System), OMS (Occupant Monitoring System),Interact (visual interaction system), Authenticate (biological authentication),AR navigation and DVR, knowing as a visual perception scheme with high-cost performance. With the advantages of high integration and high-cost performance,it can fully meet the visual perception requirements below L3 level.

Harxon’s ICV antennas integrates with such antenna units as high-precision GNSS antenna, 5G/4G antenna, v2x antenna, AM/FM antenna, WiFi and Bluetooth. Multi-layered array technology and multi-network communication antenna integration and fusion design are employed in aninnovative way to integrate high-precision positioning technology and communication technology, providing centimeter-level precision positioning for intelligent connected and autonomous vehicles. ICV antennas solve the problems of complex installation, complicated management and high cost when installing several antennas. Besides, the industrial pain points such as weak anti-interference capability, signal attenuation and much coupling loss are effectively handled, fully reducing the communication complexity of the system,improving the communication performance and efficiency of the vehicle and optimizing the performance.

BDStar is the first listed company in China's satellite navigation industry. With more than 20 years of professional development, the company has formed three major business sectors of GNSS products &services, microwave ceramics components and automotive intelligent connectivity & engineering services. BDStar is striving to build the business model of "Cloud +IC" , going all out to create the world's leading "location-based digital base", and providing automobile users with first-class products,solutions and services in the fields of intelligent driving, cockpit electronics and automotive engineering services, speeding up the transformation of the automobile industry towards an intelligent and connected one.