BDStar Becomes One of the First Partners of Automobile Developer Ecosystem

The Automobile Developers Conference 2021 was held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center on October 20. The conference is co-sponsored by National Innovation Center of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles and China SAE, aiming to pooling up authoritative experts, leading enterprises, colleges and universities and scientific research institutions in the intelligent connected vehicle industryand jointly build an industrial ecosystem with developers.

The plan for developing automobile developer ecosystem was launched in the conference. BDStar is one of the first partners of automobile developer ecosystem.Xu Linhao, vice president of BDStar, was invited to attend the launching ceremony and signed the cooperation agreement.

Led by the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV) Innovation Center, automobile developer ecosystem is an industry-level ecological partnership of automobile developers with developers as the core innovation resources. It aims to give full play to the advantages of various ecological partners, provide developers with R & D needs and allow them to join in the technological breakthrough of general technologies, thus driving the application and promotion of research results in the ICV industry. The prosperity and development of automobile developer ecosystem is thus promoted through infrastructure co-construction,resource pooling, joint technology research and achievements sharing.

Within the automobile developer ecosystem, BDStar will focus on such aspects as the long accumulated "whole chain" development capability relating intelligent cockpit, core advantages of multi-source integration & high-precision positioning of "chip cloud integration" and the innovative business of automotive software development and services, and release software and hardware R&D requirements regarding scaled applications of "GNSS high-precision platform" as factory-installed products. Besides, BDStar will also work with other partners to create developer-oriented support platforms and co-innovation mechanisms, and participate in the construction and improvement of the automobile developer ecosystem.