BDStar Makes a Splendid Appearance at the IOTE 2021

BDStar and its subsidiaries made a splendid appearance at the 16th International Internet of Things Exhibition (IOTE 2021) holding from October 23 to 25, 2021.

At this event, BDStar showcased than 100 industry-leading products,solutions and services in IoT field, such as GNSS chips, modules, antennas,high-precision position data platform, RFID special electronic tags,reader/writer antennas, automotive intelligent connected high-precision positioning product portfolio and IoT acquisition equipment, attracting attention from IoT users and trade visitors.

The world is ushering in an intelligent era, and the "Internet of Everything" will be available on a gradual basis. The absolute space-time information provided by GNSS technology is an indispensable part in the intelligent application field concerning the Internet of things. The wave of intelligent and information-based development triggered by the Internet of things will also expedite the scaled application of GNSS and other technologies.

BDStar will continue to spend great efforts in promoting the business layout of "Cloud + IC" and strive to build the "location-based digital base" in the intelligent era, providing excellent products,solutions and services for users in IoT applications.