TruePoint, a subsidiary of BDStar and HUAV have jointly created high precision positioning ecology

TruePoint, a subsidiary of BDStar and HUAV have jointly created high precision positioning ecology, with the precision of centimeter level enabling autonomous vehicle.

TruePoint and HUAV combined their advantages to jointly create a product level solution for high-precision positioning in autonomous vehicle,aiming to provide integrated navigation products and positioning services with high-precision, high coverage, high availability, high reliability.

The development of Self-driving technology in recent years has promoted the application of high-precision positioning technology in the automotive field,The complementary advantages of GNSS and INS have also been widely recognized in the industry.

WIS series in integrated navigation system independently developed and produced by HUAV is an essential key component in the high-precision positioning system of its autonomous driving partner.

The centimeter-level accuracy of positioning can be realized WIS series product in integrated navigation produced by HUAV received TruePoint.cm data through the built-in Unicorecomm GNSS board,At the same time, the inertial navigation algorithm is fused internally to output high-precision position, speed, attitude and other information.

The centimeter-level accuracy of positioning of TruePoint.cm  and Unicorecomm board have done the matching and optimization at the algorithm level, full play to the advantages of "“IC+Cloud”" and greatly improving the positioning effect.

Integration with INS of HUAV and the centimeter-level accuracy of positioning services of TruePoint, ,greatly improves the accuracy and availability of the positioning system, provides accurate and reliable positioning information for the scientific decision-making of the self-driving systems ,helps to achieve safe autonomous driving and provides users with a more comprehensive driving safety guarantee.