Harxon, a subsidiary of BDStar won the fixed point of Nezha's new model project

Recently,Harxon, a subsidiary of BDStar won several new vehicle model projects of Nezha automobile, a brand of (hereinafter referred to as "HOZON"),which will provide intelligent network connected vehicle antenna products for HOZON.

The in-depth cooperation with HOZON is another mass production project of Harxon in the field of commercialization of intelligent Internet connected vehicles.

According to the agreement, Harxon will supply high-precision positioning intelligent network connected Vehicle Antennas in a number of mid and high End models developed by HOZON,and the products are expected to achieve mass production within the year. In the next five years, the both sides will reach an order cooperation of one million vehicles.

Facing the field of intelligent connected vehicles and autonomous driving, Harxon takes high-precision positioning technology as the core, deeply integrates communication technology, and combines innovative technologies such as multi-layer array and multi antenna fusion isolation to provide high-precision, high-performance and high reliable vehicle antenna products for the field of intelligent connected vehicles and autonomous driving, and can provide dynamic centimeter level precision positioning for intelligent connected vehicles and autonomous vehicle.It solves the problems of complex application installation, complex management and high cost of multiple antennas in the industry, effectively solves and meets the industry pain points of weak anti-interference ability, signal attenuation and large coupling loss in the work, fully reduces the complexity of system communication, improves the communication performance and efficiency of the whole vehicle, and realizes performance optimization.