Harxon, a subsidiary of BDStar helps Zhitu technology realize the "accurate positioning" of L3 smart heavy truck

Recently, Harxon, a subsidiary of BDStar signed a cooperation agreement with Suzhou Zhitu Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhitu"), and Harxon will provide Zhitu commercial vehicles with intelligent network on-board high-precision integrated antenna.

This is another key cooperation of Harxon in the field of intelligent Internet connected vehicle commercialization, following the fixed point of the new model project of yingche technology and Nezha automobile. In this cooperation, Harxon intelligent network antenna products will be applied to the L3 smart heavy truck of Zhitu , which is a new breakthrough made by Harxon antenna in the field of trunk logistics.

As a leading enterprise in the field of satellite positioning antennas in China, Harxon has been committed to technological innovation in the industry, providing competitive antenna solutions for head accounts in the industry with leading technology, sophisticated manufacturing and reliable quality.