The founding meeting of Ronggan technology was held in Beijing

On June 23, 2022, founding meeting of Ronggan technology was held at BDStar headquarters in Beijing.

In order to comply with the development trend of the deep integration of GNSS and INS, , BDStar decided to set up the inertial business from the navigation product Division, and recently registered and established a subsidiary company Ronggan technology(Beijing) Co.Ltd., which specializes in inertial navigation and integrated navigation business.

At the same time, Ronggan has implemented an innovative incentive mechanism of "partners" to absorb and retain first-class talents and encourage core employees to start businesses, grow and develop together with the company.

At present, BDStar is striving to build a world leading "Location Digital Base" to promote the high-quality development of enterprises in the Golden New Decade. With the development of AI and digital technology, various unmanned systems and intelligent driving applications are advancing by leaps and bounds. The traditional space-time sensing technology based on a single satellite navigation system can no longer meet the requirements. The integration of GNSS and INS has become a new trend of space-time sensing technology. The separation of the inertial business and the establishment of a professional subsidiary will further accelerate the strategic layout of BDStar in the inertial navigation field, which is an important decision and deployment for the company to implement the development strategy of the "Golden New Decade", and a major milestone in the development process of BDStar .