‘BeiDou’ is named after the Big Dipper asterism, which is known in Chinese as Běidǒu. The name literally means "Northern Dipper", the name given by ancient Chinese astronomers to the seven brightest stars of the Ursa Major constellation. Historically, this set of stars was used in navigation to locate the North Star Polaris. As such, the name BeiDou also servesas a metaphor for the purpose of the satellite navigation system. The company’s establishment and development tightly associated with the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System.

BDStar is the abbreviation of ‘BeiDou Star’. BeiDou Seven Stars is the core element of BDStar brand logo and has been the registered trademark of BDStar since its establishment.


Pointing Directions

The Big Dipper has long been regarded as the guiding light that can help human beings navigate. Used in our logo, the seven stars indicate that BDStar is a company dedicated to navigation industry. It also represents BeiDou Satellite Navigation System, one of the four satellite navigation systems in the world, indicating that BDStar strives to promote the industrialization of BeiDou project.

Showing Power

The blue arch in the logo represents sky and the shape looks like ‘C’ which is first letter of  China. Used in combination, this element is a metaphor of China as a country with great navigation technologies and BDStar as one of the leaders in China’s navigation and positioning industry; the meaning of seven stars can also be extended to the company’s advantages in technologies, talents and market as a diversified navigation industrial group which extends its business in a wide spectrum of areas.

Our Vision

The external blue arch and inner grey arch form a layered celestial sphere. Along with Big Dipper, this element implies BeiDou technologies will be widely spread as the project goes farther, and BDStar will become a ten-billion RMB navigation group revered by the public, honored by the employees and trusted by the country.

Our Dream

Looking like two stretched arms, the external blue arch also represents the corporate concept of “valuing partnership and respecting competitors”    which will guide us to pursue BeiDou dream with vast mindset, open attitude and active practice.


Over 10 years’ development has made BDStar a leading group corporate in navigation positioning which now owns nearly 30 companies and forms a structure of “parent brand + subsidiary brand.”

  • Parent Brand

Subsidiaries Brand